God Still Speaks: June 16th

"We assured her that God does hear prayer through telephones!"

Anne and I had just returned home on a Sunday evening from leading a healing conference/teaching at a church in Cincinnati, Ohio.  These occasions are usually draining to a degree, and we were ready to get a good night’s sleep. When the telephone rang, we were admittedly reluctant to respond. We both had a “Holy Spirit nudge” that perhaps we needed to answer the pesky phone.

The call was from one of the participants of the weekend in Cincinnati. She shared with us that during the last session on Saturday, she began to have pain in her left eye, and was having poor eye sight due to the inflammation. Her plan was to call her ophthalmologist first thing Monday morning and asked if we would we pray for her for healing of her blurry vision that evening. 

Although we were many miles away from her, we assured her God does hear prayers via telephones. Even years before Facetime and Zoom! It has been our experience for me to intercede on behalf of men and Anne intercede for women. (This probably is not a rule from God – just how we prefer to minister!) As I prayed for this woman in pain, I also anointed Anne just above her left eye with oil and prayed in my Holy Spirit language.  After a bit of prayers of Thanksgiving to God for what He will do for this woman, we ended the conversation and drifted off to sleep.

Monday morning we received another phone call from our new friend who informed us that ALL swelling had left her eye, her eyesight was clear  and she, too, had drifted off into a goodnight’s sleep.  Another P.T.L. (praise the Lord) and “what a mighty God we serve!”

A couple of questions to consider: 
How do you respond when God “interrupts” your schedule? 
Where is God asking you to have faith in Him right now? 

I invite you to pray this prayer: “Heavenly Father, you are such a loving Abba, Father, and Shepherd who deeply cares for His sheep.  May we always be reminded how you enjoy hearing from us through our prayers, adoration of you, our confessions to you that we do fall short, our thanksgivings for you, and hearing our supplications. In the mighty and healing name of Jesus, Amen.” 

Don Bloch

Don Bloch