God Still Speaks: June 17th

When we come to Him, He is faithful, which makes us faithful..."

I’ll never forget the first time I was asked to pray with someone. More specifically, to pray “over them” because they asked had a prayer need. 

I was not a person anointed by the Holy Spirit, like a pastor or an elder of the church. Who was I to pray over a person?  I did not do these things…and I was new at this game of being a Christian.  I prayed by myself, but I did not pray over other people; much less over someone who asked for and really needed prayer!  Uncomfortable? You bet!  But as uncomfortable and awkward as the situation felt for me, I felt the Holy Spirit nudge me and I did it then, and have done it many times since.  

What I have come to realize since that day, is when God moves in you He moves!  It is not me praying words out of my mouth but the Holy Spirit moving in me to form those words and speak them.  He knows what needs to be said and what needs to be heard, and He is the one giving the anointing to speak and pray.

My prayer life has grown so much since that “awkward” day.  I no longer pray just asking God to show up, solve my problem, repent and repeat. I now pray asking for God’s sovereign guidance, seeking Him to walk beside me, to guide me and grow me.  I’ve learned that God wants me to seek Him out, to listen, and to hear His voice.  He now, through the Holy Spirit, places on my heart how and with what I need to come to Him in prayer. 

And that gift is for all of us. When we come to Him, He is faithful which makes us faithful; He is trustworthy which makes us trusting, and He is loving which makes us whole.  His love for us opens us up to serve others, and His love for us allows the Holy Spirit to work through you and me for others.  

Uncomfortable? Challenging? Out of my comfort zone? You bet. Worth it every single time? You bet.

Dig deeper: What is one thing you can do to challenge yourself in prayer this week? Maybe that’s pray out loud by yourself, or with others. Maybe that’s asking a close friend or family member if you can pray for them. Whatever it is, and as uncomfortable as it may be, I challenge you to lean into it and watch the Holy Spirit work! 

You can start right now with this prayer: “Father God, today I ask You to give me guidance, to grow me and walk with me so I can serve You and serve others. Quiet the noise around me so I can hear Your voice, and so I can discern what it is You have to say.  Lead me, guide me, open me up to Your desires for me and for others. In Your name I pray. Amen”

Susan Lewis

Susan Lewis

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