God Still Speaks: June 26th

"My friend didn't know it had been a rough, emotional morning for my family, but God did."

Opportunities! I used to think opportunities were something presented to you if you worked hard, or that they were just completely random. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve learned that most opportunities or circumstances in my life are God-ordained and God-designed; I just have to be listening for His voice through my circumstances.  In Acts 3, Peter and John were walking into the temple to pray when God gave them an opportunity to come into contact with a man who had some needs. He was lame and needed money, but more importantly, he neededto know there was a God who loved him and wanted to save him. Peter and John saw this man’s needs, and responded to the Holy Spirit and healed the man in the name of Jesus Christ.

This story reminds me of the countless times I have been in need like the beggar. One Sunday morning after singing in the choir, I returned home to an email from a friend in the choir. She had heard the Holy Spirit tell her to pray for me that morning. My friend didn’t know it had been a really rough, emotional morning for me and my family, but God did. 

This Bible story also reminds me of the times I have been like Peter. I remember one afternoon, as I was driving home from work, a friend’s name came to my mind. I started praying for that friend, and then went a step further to call her once I got home. She began crying on the phone when I told her why I called; she had a sick child and was emotionally just “tapped out”. We prayed and laughed, and she left the phone call ready to finish her day. God knew she needed some encouragement, even though I didn’t. 

God invites all of us to listen for opportunities to hear His voice through our circumstances. We just have to be looking for these God moments and step into being the hands and feet of Jesus. Someone needs you today!

Questions to dig deeper:
Who does God want you to pray for today?
Do you have the time to text or call them?

Prayer for today: God, help me to listen for Your Holy Spirit and respond to those around me. Give me grace and mercy to remember when I, too, was in need of Your presence in my life. And finally, fill me with Your Spirit and Your hearts to truly see those around me and remind them of Your love for them. Amen.


Tracey Hixson

Tracey Hixson

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