God Still Speaks: June 2nd

"The Holy Spirit helps me to remember that God is handling everything, so I don't have to."

The Holy Spirit comes to guide us through all situations – from life’s most difficult moments to something as simple as finding your keys or remembering to write a needed item on your grocery list. He is there, standing guard to help us through the toughest times. In all circumstances, He is there to speak gently and lovingly to let us know which way to go.

The Holy Spirit has spoken to me and encouraged me to stay quiet in situations where my sarcastic responses could have been very hurtful. He has reminded me that just because I was hurt or upset about the way someone handled something doesn’t mean that I should react in kind. Those times of remaining quiet were hard to follow because I am quick with the sarcasm, which is not always a good thing! However, remaining calm has always helped the situation, even when it didn’t feel easy. It also helps me to remember that God is handling everything, so I don’t have to. 

The Holy Spirit not only speaks directly to us, but He also speaks through us for other’s benefit. He will give us words of wisdom to pass on to those who need to hear it. He knows exactly what their soul needs to hear, even if they (or we) are not necessarily ready to receive it. His guidance is not always easy to follow, but it is always the best path for our lives. Let Him lead you to the path where He is waiting with open arms. 

Questions to consider: When did you do something risky based on a nudge from God? How did the end result help you trust in Him?
Where is God speaking in your life this week? What does he have to say to you, personally?

Would you pray this prayer? “Gracious God, thank you for your guidance through the Holy Spirit. Would you help me to hear You first in all situations, and would you give me the boldness to listen and respond as you direct. As I go about my day, will you fill me with your patience and peace, so that I might be an ambassador for you. Amen”

Jackie Evans

Jackie Evans