God Still Speaks: June 9th

"He asks us to participate with Him in establishing His kingdom here on Earth...."

On numerous occasions, The Holy Spirit has shown me pictures or visions of an upcoming event or even an event in progress. At this time, I will share the latter. It was during a prayer time with my pastor at Calvary Episcopal Church in Jacksonville. This was a weekly time we met before breakfast to offer prayers together. During a time of silence (when the Spirit has a clear inroad to my cluttered mind), I received a clear vision of a family caught in a blizzard in western U.S. My experience in the past with these situations has taught me to lift this up in prayer for God to intervene and then release it. I shared this with my prayer partner, released it and we skipped off to breakfast together.

The next morning, my pastor brought a copy of USA TODAY into his office to show me the headlines on page one: “Trio’s “Miraculous” Survival: Family stranded in Blizzard.”  A family of three was found on their last day of hope in -4 degrees weather. I have enclosed a copy of the article.  

I share this with you as I have learned about The Holy Spirit’s “method of operation.” He asks us to participate with Him in establishing His Kingdom here on earth by giving us words, visions, and dreams to become Kingdom Builders!  

Questions to consider:
When have your prayers been the answer to someone else’s?
What “Kingdom-building” vision or dream is the Holy Spirit inviting you to invest in?

Would you pray this prayer: And I ask now, Jesus, by the power of your Holy Spirit that you release more of your servants to recognize you are the source of all. And when we receive these thoughts, visions, and even dreams you are drawing us closer to you to witness and participate with you in “Your will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.”  Amen

Don Bloch

Don Bloch

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