Message: “Part 3” from Kevin Griffin, Lead Pastor

Kevin Griffin, Lead Pastor - January 29, 2023

Part 3

From Series: "Rebuild"

The Book of Nehemiah recounts the story of God’s people rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem in ancient times (4 th century BC), after their enemies had destroyed everything the Israelites’ ancestors had originally built, left the city in ruins, and dragged the survivors off into exile. When you look below the surface level of the story, you discover that Nehemiah is far more than a historical account of a construction project. This is a story about people rebuilding their lives with God as their foundation and the ultimate source of their strength. As followers of Christ today, we hear the echoes of Nehemiah in Jesus’ teaching to be “like a wise man who built his house on the rock.” When we need to rebuild out of the ruins and the chaos, Nehemiah gives us God’s wisdom that leads us toward a new future with hope.

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