Next Steps

Next Steps

Face Time

Meeting you is important to us! That’s where FaceTime comes in. We make it easy for you to get to know our pastor, as well as other folks here at CrossRoad by holding an informal “Get to know you” event multiple times a year. Stick around after service and grab some freshly baked cookies in the lobby, and get answers to your questions.

Membership Access Path

MAP, or Membership Access Path, is about your spiritual health and growth. MAP equips and resources you for your discipleship journey, points you to your next steps at CrossRoad, and invites you to make CrossRoad your home church.


Your baptism is a public celebration of God’s redeeming love at work in your life, and it is one of the most important spiritual milestones in your journey as a follower of Jesus. Maybe you have never been baptized and feel ready to take this next step. Maybe you were baptized as a child and want to renew and remember your baptism as an adult. Maybe you are the parent of a new baby and want to have your child baptized and welcomed into our church family. Wherever you are, we would love to talk with you! The first step is scheduling a meeting with one of our pastors, where we will talk about the meaning of baptism and answer any questions you may have.

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